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Belgian Chocolate Tours

Belgian chocolate is amongst the best in the world. There is a reason for this. Belgians take chocolate making very seriously! Just like beer making. Therefore if you are buying chocolate from Brussels, be sure to take home some of the best. There are thousands of varieties to choose from and endless choices to be made. 

Ensure you buy genuine handmade Belgian chocolates (pralines and truffles are the best) that are not made anywhere else. The chocolates in Belgium are made with 100% cocoa butter, without any vegetable oil. 

Belgian Chocolate Tours, Brussels Walks' The Dark Side of Brussels takes you to some of the premier chocolate shops in Brussels. The tour includes chocolate shops in The Royal Galleries, the Grand Place, Boterstraat/rue au Beurre, Lombardstraat/rue du Lombard, and Zavel/Sablon. Quality chocolate guaranteed.