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Brussels City Centre

There are a couple of must sees in Brussels city centre. Grand Place is one of them. Walk around the streets surrounding the most famous square of Brussels. Admire the old buildings and the unique architecture. Make a day tour or a night tour. The night tour shows the area pretty much without neon signs and give the illusion that you've been transported back in time by centuries. Not far you will find the famous Manneken Pis. Enjoy the wonderful stories surrounding this young man and his life in Brussels city centre.

In the Grand Place neighborhood, there are plenty of restaurants, from modern and quick budget (Greek and Lebanese in the Mozart Street for example) to traditional and expensive. The Belgians love to eat very well and very much and we have not yet started to talk about the variety of beers and unique belgian chocolates.

If you're in a modern history frame of mind, take a tour of the European Government sites like Common Market and United Europe.

If you have the time to head out of town a bit, go and see the Atomium. The huge 9 ball constructions represents the unity between the provinces of Belgium.